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Printed Circular Badges

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Satanic / Symbol Printed Circular Badges
Featuring a combination of original, adapted & traditional designs from a variety of sources including:-
Satanism, Pagan European History & Mythology, Military insignia & Heraldry.

These items are available in a range of colours. Full details & options are listed on the product pages.

Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil (Lightning Bolt Pentagram) - Special Edition Circular Badge
Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil (Lightning Bolt Pentagram) - Special Edition Circular Badge

Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil (Lightning Bolt Pentagram) Circular Badge
Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil (Lightning Bolt Pentagram) Circular Badge

Sig (Lightning Bolt) Pentagram - Special Edition Circular Badge
Sig (Lightning Bolt) Pentagram - Special Edition Circular Badge

Sig (Lightning Bolt) Pentagram Circular Badge
Sig (Lightning Bolt) Pentagram Circular Badge

ASP Pentagram Shield Circular-Badge
ASP Pentagram Circular Badge

Trapezoid Pentagram Circular-Badge
Trapezoid Pentagram Circular Badge

Pentagram Circle Circular-Badge
Pentagram Circle Circular Badge

Interwoven Pentagram Circular-Badge
Interwoven Pentagram Circular Badge

Brimstone Circular-Badge
Brimstone Hooded Ritual Cloak

Wolf's Hook Circular-Badge
Wolf's Hook Circular Badge

Inequality Circular-Badge
Inequality Hooded Ritual Cloak

Double-Cross Circular-Badge
Double Cross Circular Badge

Totenkopf Circular-Badge
Totenkopf Hooded Ritual Cloak

Black-Sun Circular-Badge
Black Sun Circular Badge

Axis-Cross Circular-Badge
Axis Cross Circular Badge

Iron-Cross Circular-Badge
Iron Cross Circular Badge

Tyr Rune Circular-Badge
Tyr Rune Circular Badge

Algiz Rune Circular-Badge
Algiz Rune Circular Badge

Yr Rune Circular-Badge
Yr Rune Circular Badge

Odal Rune Circular-Badge
Odal Rune Circular Badge

Eihwaz Rune Circular-Badge
Eihwaz Rune Circular Badge

Valknut Circular-Badge
Valknut Hooded Ritual Cloak

Thor's Hammer Circular-Badge
Thor's Hammer Circular Badge

Inverted-Cross Circular-Badge
Inverted Cross Circular Badge

Ragnarok Rune Circular Badge
Ragnarok Rune Circular Badge

Other styles: Rectangular Badges

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