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Church of Satan

Kevin I. Slaughter
Stay Down Here
   UA Variety Hour
   Underworld Amusements

9sense Podcast

Chaos Sedated

The Quintessentials

Science of Illusion



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Arkham Studios

Babylon Projects

Christian Child Abuse

Cocktail Vultures

Coop Stuff

CoS Emporium

Cosmodromium (James D. Sass)

Darren Deicide

Diabologue (Matt G. Paradise)
Purging Talon
   Terror Transmission

Magistra Ygraine

NYX's Universe

Old Nick Magazine

Radio Free Satan

Rory Z - UK Stage Hypnotist/Trainer

Screwbiter Studios

s[ermo] iii

Thorn Fetish (Band)

Unpop Art

Zaftig Works 

Big Picture Science

Center For Inquiry

Derren Brown

For Good Reason

James Randi Educational Foundation

Monster Talk

Point of Inquiry

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science


The Skeptics Society & Skeptic Magazine




Recommended items by fellow businesses:

The Book of Satanic Quotations by Matt G. Paradise - Purging Talon

The Book of Satanic Quotations
Matt G. Paradise
(Purging Talon)

The Anti-Christ by Friedrich-Nietzsche (H.L. Mencken, James D. Sass) - Underworld Amusements

The Anti-Christ
by Friedrich Nietzsche

H.L. Mencken, James D. Sass
(Underworld Amusements)

The Sorceries and Scandals of Satan by Henry M. Tichenor (Robert Merciless) - Underworld Amusements

The Sorceries and
Scandals of Satan
by Henry M. Tichenor
Robert Merciless
(Underworld Amusements)

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