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R.G. Ingersoll Quote T-shirts

R.G. Ingersoll Quote T-shirt - Blasphemy-is-an-epithet-bestowed-by-superstition Print T-shirt

"Blasphemy is an epithet bestowed by superstition upon common sense."
R.G. Ingersoll
Quote T-shirt

R.G. Ingersoll Quote T-shirt - Garden-of-Eden-story Print T-shirt

"Is there an intelligent man or woman now in the world who believes in the Garden of Eden story? If you find any man who believes it, strike his forehead and you will hear an echo."
R.G. Ingersoll
Quote T-shirt

R.G. Ingersoll Quote T-shirt - Give-me-the-storm-and-stress Print T-shirt

"Give me the storm and stress of thought and action rather than the dead calm of ignorance and faith."
R.G. Ingersoll
Quote T-shirt

R.G. Ingersoll Quote T-shirt - The-clergy-know-that-I-know Print T-shirt

"The clergy know that I know that they know that they do not know"
R.G. Ingersoll
Quote T-shirt

R.G. Ingersoll Quote T-shirt - Those-who-have-loved-God-most Print T-shirt

"Strange but true: Those who have loved God most Have loved men least"
R.G. Ingersoll
Quote T-shirt


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